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TOPIC: FP Reboot Update

FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221653

Get ready, because we're about to reboot your favourite server and website with a brand new look, abounding with copious amounts of new items, jobs, weapons, vehicles, unlocks... And! There's a fully immersive car garage with vehicle customization, music creation and trading, an items marketplace, crafting, mining And... We're just getting started. Check back again next Satuday and we'll update you with even more screenshots and content.

This forum thread is for discussion, suggestions, comments and criticisms. Enjoy!

Take a look at the update announcement page >>

Click the link above for all the details, screenshots and videos.

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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221655


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  • This is good, isn't it?
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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221656

Wow. New server update looks amazing. Can't wait for it.
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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221657

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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221658

Can SWAT Commanders lock PD doors now EMP?!
And can I pls remain staff
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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221659

Hell yeah, can't wait
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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221660

If you remove sword I'm going to get pissed off.

But this looks pretty decent.

Pls do t reset money :c

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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221661

Zackz11 wrote:

Really made my day.

This looks amazing, I can't wait to start playing DRP again!
EDIT: The forum looks F*cking amazing as-well.
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Zackz11 wrote:

If money is the root of all 'evil,' why do they ask for it in Church?
KreeG wrote:
[Z] Chester wrote:
I came to FP because I heard there were lots of nice people here
That's true there's a lot of nice people here including myself, Nice to meet you!

You'll laugh at 1 of these at-least:
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This player is definitely set on the road to SA:
ramm004 wrote:
Both times I've been banned it's been like the court scene from Idiocracy. I literally dont want part of it anymore. I'm sure I'll see the back of this shit when I start playing the HL2RP. I'm gonna wait my ban time, blow my cash airstriking brats, then request or force a permaban on myself. At least, thats the plan right now.

Crocodile wrote:
ur like 8 only thing ur busy at is painting and learning new colours

and making macaroni necklaces

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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221662

At first, I was very disappointed about the reset.

Now... I'm very excited. THANK YOU CHUTE
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FP Reboot Update 5 years ago #221663

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