Note: For help with things related to the community in general or help with using the game servers for a faster response, make a forum thread.

How Can I get help?

These pages mainly contain advice about using our Website and are updated regularly with new help topics that are frequently asked about. If you can't find what your looking for or want to suggest another help answer please make a forum thread or contact an administrator.

Ways to get Help

Try getting help this way first:

  • Frequently Asked Questions Answers the most popular questions.
  • Community Forums The community can help you with your issue.
  • Administrator Team Try conatcting a relevant member of the Friendly Players team.
  • Contact the Owners If all else fails you can always contact the Community Owners. You can find a list of them here

Other ways to get Help

If you still need help, try these options:

  • Contact Form Contact the Team directly by using the contact form.
  • Search Bing Try searching for what you want using Bing.