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TOPIC: One last thing

One last thing 3 years, 11 months ago #228737

I am honestly sorry for this. I know I really shouldn't do this, but pride is my biggest weakness and I don't really appreciate being called out then never getting the chance to respond. I expect this to be locked practically immediately, but please don't delete it, as it drives me crazy how posts are just sort of covered up like that when both sides have a legit point.

Dcxbigdaddy wrote:
In the 6 months that i have been a owner of FP, not one person came to me about the TTT server. The old owners Xeratous and Slyther never once came to me for help.

They were given owner for a reason, so they could help run the TTT server and come to us with problems.

What were we supposed to say? I'd like to think I've made it clear in the past here on the forums that the IP change killed TTT, not purposely, and not cause of the lag, but because literally no one could join on their own when we tried to get it up. As Jesse said, only UK players could find the server in the lists, and considering up until now, only one staff could get on when it was decent hours for the UK, it's no wonder why no one joined when we tried to start it back up. We eventually stopped trying because we all realized that it's fruitless with all of us being in the US with an IP located in the UK. We liked the server how it was, it was just the IP that changed everything. So again, what were we supposed to say to you guys directly? Please change the IP? One, chute knew of this consequence going into the change, as he told pony when he asked, and two, RP, which we all know is the priority of the community (no offense meant) is doing rather well with it as there is a number of European staff to keep it populated, so we all know you're not going to risk changing it again now that the server's picked up again.

I honestly do hate to make you seem like the bad guys, and I don't want to be in an argument, but please don't say we haven't done anything in months when we were the only ones who've tried to accommodate the changes on the server.
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Re: One last thing 3 years, 11 months ago #228739

Ultimately there was more we all could have done. Dcx and I could have taken a direct role in the server and Slyther and Xera could have come to us with things they wanted to do/problems they had.

You stated the exact need for new people to come in and take charge. You guys have done your part and don't/didn't want to keep doing it. So now we have found new people to take charge. I don't mean any disrespect to you guys, but its the truth. I thank you for all you have done for the server but, I would much rather try something new to bring life back into the server. Then sulk around in the past.

If any of you guys still have concerns or would like to talk about this then you can contact us on steam or on teamspeak.
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