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|Fp| Megagamer (something like thet)
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TOPIC: |Fp| Megagamer (something like thet)

|Fp| Megagamer (something like thet) 12 years, 4 months ago #334

ok to day we play Rp

ok we will start on this

he vary like the mod
so some cop come to his hide out and found drugz so he tell him

\"Him mod i can do waht i want if u arste me u will kick\"

or b4 5-10 min i play in and evry 1 do dm and car dm (me 2 ^^) for fun it was Dm time ^^
so i drive in my car and he PROP DM ME
ok i out the car he kill me (life 1)
i buy gun next to him cuz i allways buy gun
he kill me no reson (life 2)
after he go to roof some 1 come after him
i was whit me gun HE KILL ME NO RESON (life 3)
he prop puse me so i prop puse him he kick me
i kill him cuz he abuse and 3 cops after him
i got frezz
after 2 min of frezz i got on fire byhim
i dide so i was die freez
Yay Duh!
after 30 sec i go frezz again no fucking reson

this to day

yestrday we play in downtown and i was mobboss i brkae to his store and kill him and his gurde to still stuff (guns) he kick me on this
he tell me on thet u kill me and still u get kick and i got kick AND crash

this is mod?
(today again)
he porp dm
prop puse
admin abuse
he do bad things to ppl and he allway kill me so i got sick on thisso i kill him back he vote kick me
so it was 50/50 he still kick
he got arste he use admin teleport to out from jail OMG!

Vodka was here
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Re:|Fp| Megagamer (something like thet) 12 years, 4 months ago #335

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Re:|Fp| Megagamer (something like thet) 12 years, 4 months ago #336

*double sigh*

vodka... would you please just stop whining!
Every day!
Every fucking day there's something new you complain about!
I'm getting tired of it now.

Even when the SA's are telling us to stop all this!
You just don't know when to quit.
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Last Edit: 12 years, 4 months ago by ZenoX.

Re:|Fp| Megagamer (something like thet) 12 years, 4 months ago #341

i dont no how much vodka complains but i can say that mega does abuse his admin ALOT.
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Re:|Fp| Megagamer (something like thet) 12 years, 4 months ago #342

mm yestraday we play ovi and mega was Mayor so he \"as Mayor+mod I say ther Drugz r ligal\"
in the bank he put is drugz in boxs for no 1 will distroy them
and he say \"the 1 will distroy the drugz will be kick\"
ok we and more 3 ppl was in the pizza and some 1 idk who in the bank put Phx bomb in ther and blow all ther no 1 saw who was it so mega say is me 3 ppl thet see me all the time thet i was in the pizza tell him thet no me and he still kick me after he no balive me the ppl was Progamer Idan No_Fear And Sliant
i did policecar whit some cool things and jasydix and ChuteUk saw it and say cool and they help me whit the car then Mega come from no were he tell me \" Ramove the lihgt now b4 kick\"

now more pics of Mega Mod Prop Block

In the next pic u can see thet Mega block the Main respawn hit car. U see the door in the rihgt i put this door to go up the car So i got slay 1 yime and after i got Kick NO FUCKING RESON

more prop block

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Re:|Fp| Megagamer (something like thet) 12 years, 4 months ago #343

more pics

Good Mod

now Mega Prop Block And Prop Surf

Prop Block (from today)

now is this ok to do it???

Now in the mornig Fucking Dm

look on Dead-pool and rool kills
my dead

jones kills

and look the agenda

if this is not dm i dont know waht is it
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