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FPRP In 2021 3 years, 3 months ago #237774

Hello everyone.
First things first, i would love to start off this topic without any past conflicts i may or may not have had with either the admin team or with the players. I honestly pray that nobody recognizes me / doesnt recall all the minge garbage i have done in my younger years.
Now with that out of the way...
So today i found my old account on this forum and i decided to log on and check through my past history as well as the forums past history. After scrolling a bit and reading through these messages i suddenly felt a strong urge to check out the server and its current state.
From what i can see the map is slightly different since i last played (Probably somewhere around 2015-ish ?). This gave me hope that perhaps the server might not be as dead as i assumed it was.
After having a look around the map i decided to do a quick drugrun to get some balance since it seemed to reset back to 0$ since i last played.
The problem with this was, that there seems to be no salary coming in as well as the fact that the drug run didnt seem to want to finish. Now what this probably means is that the server clearly isnt working as intended and i couldnt help but to question the fact that its still running.
So with this i would love to ask a few questions to anyone who might be more knowledgable in this
1. Is the money system completely broken or does it just need a restart ?
2. Where the f#!@ did the ambient police sirens go
3. Why is the server still up in the first place ? (Considering that there is probably some cost in maintaining the server and also considering the fact that most of the functionality in the XP and balance systems is broken)

Thank you all so much for the memories i have from FPRP when i was younger and i hope i get to see this server come back to life someday. Have a pleasant day and hope to hear from you guys soon.

Hey , im Mr. Kitty And i like this game :3

Re: FPRP In 2021 3 years, 3 months ago #237775

FP has been dead for a very long time sorry to say, sister community ZARP is still up and running though. DarkRP database disconnects every now and then as far as I'm aware which is why nothing appears to work correctly at times.
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Re: FPRP In 2021 3 years, 3 months ago #237777

ZARP pretty much covers the cost, FP and ZARP is on the same IP in the US
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