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Ella's Promotion Application June Week 2
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TOPIC: Ella's Promotion Application June Week 2

Ella's Promotion Application June Week 2 5 years, 5 months ago #229785

Notice that I will not be i playing very much today, at all Friday and the majority of Saturday because I will be on a small vacation and won't have my computer

Steam name: S0ul

Current position: Moderator

How long have you had this position: 2weeks now

Why do you deserve this position: I feel like I should have a promotion for a couple of reasons.I am active pretty much every single day for more than a hour. I even put in over 500minutes one day.I try to never AFK because me being AFK does not help people if they need help.Also,I think ban would be very useful to me in many ways.There are many times where I am the only one on the server and ban would be very useful. I could accept ban requests on the forums. I could ban someone for another admin if they can't do it at the certain time. I could find it very useful on the server when there is no higher ranks online. This would be very useful when a user is mass RDMing after that have been warned with a jail, freeze. It would also be useful when someone is being raciest after be warned with a chat mute. Sure kick is useful but it is only a temporary fix if they join back and break more rules. Also have unban would be good for me to be able to unban someone that needs to be unbaned if a staff member couldn't do it right at that moment or even if i need to edit a ban to be shorter or longer. I am always trying to be the first one to be able to do f1's when they pop up on my screen. I always drop everything around me even mute my sound in TS a lot just to be able to resolve the situation that has occurred. I know what is expected from an Administrator and I know I will be a better staff member with these powers.
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Re: Ella's Promotion Application June Week 2 5 years, 5 months ago #229786

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Re: Ella's Promotion Application June Week 2 5 years, 5 months ago #229788

Always willing to help as every staff member should be, when your playing on the server your playing and not afking which I see some staff do. You also give some of the obvious new players the benefit of the doubt when they break a rule they do not know, raiding alone as a locksmith for example which is a great quality to have and not overreact and treat them like a mass rdmer.

Great staff qualities and you explain the situation clearly to the rulebreakers and the victim and I know you will only ban when needed and if you do it will be a fair ban for what they did

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