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[ROLEPLAY] Rules & Admin Guidelines
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TOPIC: [ROLEPLAY] Rules & Admin Guidelines

[ROLEPLAY] Rules & Admin Guidelines 9 years, 5 months ago #224837

Prop Rules

• Do not Prop Surf - Using the physics gun on a prop that a person is standing and launching into the air to fly around.

• Do not Prop Climb - Using props to make a bridge or staircase to get to a certain place.
o No sky-basing.
o Having support props below will not change the fact of it being a prop climb.
+You may make a staircase if you have another floor inside of your base.
• Do not Prop Kill - Throwing or pushing a prop at somebody with the intent to kill them.

• Do not Prop Push - Pushing something with a prop. This rule is voided when there is a raid with a prop is successfully struck with a battering ram or grenade but still does not move with the gravity gun.

• Do not Prop Glitch - Using a prop to push oneself through a wall.

• Do not Prop Spam - Spawning a large amount of props in a short time period.

• Do not Prop Block - Prop blocking is blocking an area with a prop so nobody can get past it. For something to not be a prop block there must be a keypad on the outside. If there is a prop blocking another entrance in the area, it still needs a keypad.

• Do not Prop Stick/Trap - Do not use props to remove somebody's mobility on the server.

• Do not make un-raidable bases. – Making it literally impossible to break down any part of base. This includes using props such as doors.

• Do not refreeze props that are unfrozen during raids.

• Do not rebuild during raids.

• Do not use recoil advantages in raids. (Making it so defenders can shoot through props but attackers cannot)

• Do not disable physics on props.

• Do not use any sort of material that allows you to see through a prop in front of another prop, whilst on the other side the other people cannot see through.
o +Single props such as the metal bars are permitted.

• Doors from the door tool are to be used for entrances/exit purposes only. No barricades.

• No attaching props to cars.

• Do not make prop traps generated from the keypad or button tool.

• Do not make boxes to transport things such as printers or plants.

Basic Rules

• Do not Random Death Match (RDM) - Killing somebody for no RP purpose. "Robbing" somebody must be role-played, and you cannot just walk up to somebody and kill them.

• Do not break New Life Rule (NLR) - When you are killed, you are not permitted to go back to the specific area, even if you own the building. You must wait 5 minutes.
o If there is a takeover or nuke, you are permitted to go back to only to the site of the takeover and nuke only.
o During PD raids, the police that are killed are permitted to go back to the PD as new cops, meaning they only know that the PD is raided, and do not know where anyone could be hiding at in the PD.

• Do not Meta-Game - Using OOC to your advantage. This includes OOC chat as RP information or using the voice button to see who is nearby. Using alternate accounts to assist the development of your main RP character or any kind of RP situation is prohibited.

• Do not be abusive - Inappropriate language, bad behavior to other players.

• Do not use any form of hack/script - Examples of this are Aimbots, WallHacks, Spectates, Custom Crosshairs, and more. Using them will risk being permanently banned on the server.

• Do not use inappropriate sprays or profile images. - This includes pornographic, racial or any other inappropriate things.

• Do not Random Demote - Demoting randomly, or demoting for an invalid reason such as "noob" or "idiot."
o Job stealing - Do not take another person's job after they have been demoted, even if they did break the rules.
o Spam Demoting - Demotes are not to be spammed for the same wrong or event that someone has done.

• Do not evade a ban - Rejoining the server with a new account after a previous account has been banned. If caught doing, the person's alternate account will be banned permanently and the original account's ban may be extended.

• Do not Car Death Match - Car death matching is massively killing every person nearby using the car.

• Do not insult or joke about anyone's race, religion, or nationality.

• Do not place any prop inside/near the spawn.

• Do not troll in anyway.

• Do not own more than 5 doors; if you are not using a place, you must remove your ownership from it. You may not sell doors to other players.

• Do not avoid punishments – Leaving and rejoining to avoid punishments.

• Do not /kill abuse – Typing /kill in console to avoids things such as arrest.

• Do not threaten to do attacks such as DDoS, crash, or any other similar kind of thing. (Player or Server) – Doing so will involve permanent banning.

• Do not attempt to crash the server in any way. – Can be anything, such as props. If caught doing, the person will be banned permanently.

• Do not say anything offensive or inappropriate in OOC or RP chat.

• Mic Spam is only for hobos and people who have a building and a rp job for it. No car radios.

•Do not leave and rejoin the server to avoid losing plants/printers in a raid.

RP Rules

• Do not raid buildings with RP signs, if you believe they have illegals get an admin to check. If you are found with illegals and have a sign, you will be punished.

• Names - RP names must be appropriate. No racial or profane words.

• Advertisements - Do not use the /advert command for anything that is not RP related or contains OOC information. Advertisements are to be used for business reasons only.

• Cop Requests - Only to be used for a RP emergency.

• No sexual jobs.

• No real-estate agents

• No scamming. This includes with selling guns, leveling drug plants, and more.

• Do not use any RP name that current staff members are using. (Impersonating)

• Do not sword abuse. – Using the sword jump to get into areas where you wouldn’t be able to get to normally, including areas that can be also accessed via prop climb/surf.

• Impeachment is an invalid demote reason.

• Fail-RP is an invalid demote reason - You must elaborate on the reason so we can understand what the player exactly did.

Fear RP:

Players on the server are expected to observe the basic fear RP guidelines listed bellow, if you have a question about something concerning fear RP please contact an admin in-game. NOTE: While raiding you do not have to follow fear RP.

• If you are being held at gunpoint you must (within reason) follow their demands.
+You can not pull a gun out of your inventory/weapon bar, you must act in a way that would not in danger your life.
+You're not allowed to mug for more than $5,000 and you must give the victim time to respond to your demands.
Takeover & Nukes

• New Life Rules only applies to the site of the takeover/nuke. Once the takeover/nuke is over, the New Life Rule comes back into play.

• If a prop is covering the area where a gold bar spawns during a takeover, it must be deleted if the player did not initiate the takeover unless given permission by the one who did.

• Nukes are to be placed in reachable areas.

• When you take part in a Take Over there are some things you should take into consideration. When building protection over your gold bar don’t use overly large props, this is discouraging for others to role-play with you as even if they do get through your main defense they wouldn’t be able to unfreeze your prop with a warrant nor gravity gun it out of the way, using 1x1x1 safety boxes does the job great and will hold then off from a good amount of time even after the reach it. It is also important to only kill when you must, don’t kill people walking past as they get in the area of your takeover. The biggest rule of all that you should remember is 'There is no New Life Rule during takeovers’; this means that if a officer is killed in action trying to stop the takeover they are allowed to return to continue helping his team.

• Nuclear devices are somewhat similar to the Take Overs, as the player is rewarded with Life Time xp if successful. Nukes differ from Take Overs in many ways also, because they can be built in any location; players will be killed in most areas of the city if it is successful, and the activator of the Nuke will be rewarded 100 Life Time xp, and they can be placed in any area the activator pleases. If a player wishes to make a Nuke, they will have to be a gun dealer, pay 250,000 dollars, and there must be at least 25 players in the server. Once the Nuke is activated, the New Life Rule will not apply to it, and therefore you will ONLY BE ALLOWED TO GO BACK TO THE SITE OF THE NUKE if killed. If the Nuke is destroyed, the New Life Rule will come back into play and you will not be able to go back to the former site if you were killed.

Bans and Unban Requests

o Ban requests are to be posted on the forums here.
a. Ban requests must have a proper template: here
b. There must be proper evidence of the person breaking the rules, and the steam id must be shown through the console and/or tab menu.
• Unbans
o Unban requests are to be posted on the forums here.
c. Unban requests are not be made a second time for the same reason, even if they are denied. They are not to be bumped either.
d. Unban requests must have a proper template: here
e. Unban requests must be made by the player who is banned.

Tool Rules

• Do not no collide your props to gain access to somewhere you shouldn’t.
• Do not fading door abuse - Fading doors must be used with a button or keypad, not with a bound key. Fading doors must be open for a minimum of 3 seconds when used.
• For fading doors, there may only be one keypad/button per entrance/exit.
• Do not make lifts/elevators.
• Do not make prop traps using the keypad tool.
• The door tool is only to be used for entrance/exit purposes only.
• Do not crash the server

Job Rules

• Civil Protection
o Do not random arrest people - To arrest somebody, they must commit a crime first, such as murder, drug planting, raiding, etc.
o Do not sell or give cop items from XP unlocks (Unless if it is a fellow Civil Protector)
o Civil Protectors must have a legitimate reason to search a building. Reasons such as "Suspicion" or "Search" are not permitted
o Do not spam any special unlocks.
o Do not change your job to any other law enforcement job if you are demoted. - Wait 5 minutes.
o Cops that are corrupt raiding are only to be demoted after the raid is completely finished. Also applies when this situations is reversed.
o People must receive a warning before being arrested during a lockdown.

• Gangster
o Do not RDM people. Gangsters are not permitted to go around and just kill anyone they please. They must have an RP reason. This includes killing cops. If there is a lockdown, then gangsters are allowed fight back against the cops until it is over.

• Locksmith
o Locksmiths spawn with a lockpick and a keypad cracker.
o Locksmiths are only allowed to raid if hired by someone (Gangster or Civil Protection only) and they can not be alone.
o Locksmiths are not permitted to steal vehicles.

• Citizens
o Citizens are not to participate in raids, or pose as any other default job in the DarkRP server.

• Rebel Scientists
o Rebel Scientists must be with a gangster/mob boss/corrupt cop if raiding.
o You may switch to a Rebel Scientist to further level up your plants if you need to.

• Gun Dealer
o Gun Dealers must sell. Failure to sell guns will risk demotion of job.

Raiding Rules

• Raiding must be done with Roleplay. It would be anti RP to just randomly walk to a door and bust it down with an auto shotgun and look and see what is inside.

• The only jobs that are allowed to commit raids are Civil Protectors, Gangsters, Locksmiths hired by gangsters or civil protectors and are raiding alongside them, Mob Bosses, and Rebel Scientists that are alongside gangsters, mob bosses or corrupt cops in the raid.
o Hitmen are not allowed to raid unless if they are trying to complete their hit, and the target is in inside the base.

Unobtainable Items

Sometimes special events are held on the server. There could be seasonal or other pre-planned events by the Friendly Players Administration Team. During these events rewards in the form of unobtainable items may be given out to players. You are allowed to use these items in role-play situations. If you have obtained one of these items illegitimately you may not use the item in a role-play situation. Administrators who have access to unobtainable items may not use these items in role-play situations under any circumstances.
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Admin Guidelines 9 years, 5 months ago #224839

Staff Guidelines:

• Give a reason to the person you are punishing

• Give a specific time to a punishment.

• Depending on the situation, give at least one warning to a player before punishing them.

• Show a decent amount of maturity.

• Grudges are not to be held against any player or staff member.

• Do not use any admin powers for any kind of Roleplaying purpose.

• Do not argue against any other staff member. If there are problems, report it to a Super Admin or the owner.

• When punishing a player, be sure to use the tab menu. Typing their name out in chat may affect other people who have similar letters/words in the name. If for some reason your commands are not showing up, copy the rule breaker’s id to clipboard, and use the command in chat, and paste the steam id into it.

• Do not use any power towards your own advantage. Examples of this are: Spawning yourself weapons for your own use, or freezing players who are raiding you.

• Do not threaten to use powers that you DO NOT HAVE.

• Do not interfere with another Staff Member's work unless if they ask you to. If you feel that they have been abusive with their powers, speak to a Super Admin.

• You are still expected to play normally on the server; you are not to consider yourself an "admin on duty".

• Staff members are still expected to follow all regular rules.

• “Admin Disrespect” is not a valid reason for punishments. If it’s constant harassment, then action can be taken.

Powers and their proper usage:


• Freeze - The person who you are using the command against will be unable to move once activated. This command is to be used when a rule breaker has been warned but is still continuing to cause trouble. Be sure to give a specific time to the freeze, and always remember to unfreeze once the time is up.

• Slay - This command will instantly kill the player you are using it against. Only use this command once at a time, do not spam it.

• Voice mute - This command will prevent the player from being able to use voice chat in the server. This command is to be used if the player is mic spamming or using in-appropriate language in the server AFTER they have been warned.

• Chat mute - This command will prevent the player from being able to use text chat in the server. This command is to be used if the player is spamming the chat, abusing /cr or /advert, or using offensive language. Use the command AFTER the player has been warned.


• Teleport, Go-to, & Bring - These commands can teleport both you and other players to locations. You are not to teleport yourself to make mobility easier, for it is anti RP. If you wish to bring a player to you, be sure that you have their permission first, as their role-play experience could be interrupted.

• Back - This command will send the player its used on to his/her last RP location from before they were teleported. If the player has not been teleported then they will simply be returned to spawn.

• Ignite - Using this command will set the player on fire and kill them. Do not leave the person ignited forever.

• Kick - A kick will instantly remove a player from the server. Do not kick a rule breaker out of nowhere. Try to have discussion with the player before kicking.

• Auto Kick - Using this command will prompt the player with a warning asking them if they are AFK and automatically kick them once a 5 minute timer has elapsed.


• Spectate - This command will replace your screen with the player's, and you will see everything that the person sees in game, including their weapon. This command should be used when people report rule breaking to you, and to check if the players you are spectating are following the rules.

• Ban - This will remove a person from the server and they will be unable to join until the length you have specified is over. All bans must be given with a legitimate reason and length. It's best to try and give warnings, freezes, and kicks before banning somebody. Other Administrators are not to unban players that others have banned unless requested to do so by a Super Admin or by the admin that banned the player. If a player contacts you and requests to be unbanned, send them a link to the unban section of the forums and tell them to make a detailed unban request with the appropriate template. The unban option can be found in the server settings, which is located at the top right corner in the tab menu.
• If a player evades a ban by going on the server with an alternate account, the account must be permanently banned immediately.

• Jail - This will place a box around the player which they will be unable to get out of. Using this command can be more effective than freeze, as you can choose the time the person is stuck in the box.

• Steam Family Sharing Checker - This command will check the player its run on and see if they are using a Steam Family Sharing ALT to bypass a server ban.

Super Administrator

• Ban from job - This command will temporarily ban somebody from the selected job until they leave the server. It should only be used if the person Is abusing the job and failing to properly role-play with it after warnings.

• Set Team - This will allow the user to set the job of any person on the server. This command should only be used if somebody is demoted for an invalid reason. If somebody happens to take the job after somebody was wrongfully demoted, then you are not to change the jobs back. When choosing to vote for cop and mayor, the user will be presented with an option to skip the vote, which is not to be used except if there is an invalid demotion reason. Invalid demotes can be words like "idiot" or "noob"

• NoClip - Super Administrators have the ability to enter and exit noclip mode. This should only be used for administrative activities.

• God - Using this will give the player an unlimited amount of health. It should only be used when investigating a violation of the rules.

• Cloak - Using this will make the player invisible. It should only be used when investigating a violation of the rules.

• Set Health - This command will heal the player it is used for. It should only be used when in the act of Random Death Match or Prop Push.

• Manage Rank – Set’s the powers of the person it is used on, this command only allows promotions up to the rank administrator. This command is only to be used on people who received a legitimate promotion/demotion that is confirmed by the Owners.

• Prop ownership - Super Admins are granted ownership over all player spawned props on the server. Super Admins must not use their physics gun on other player's props or world prop doors unless if it is for an administrative purpose. This applies for the remover tool as well.

Head Administrator

• Give Weapons - Using this command will present the user with a list of all weapons on the server. It is only supposed to be used if somebody has lost specific weapons due to a invalid kill or job demote.

• Ragdoll - The Ragdoll command has 3 different options: Kick, Ragdoll, and Hang.
• Kick - This will spawn a combine behind the player, and it will kick the player, launching them a far distance across the area. This command can be used as a warning.
• Ragdoll - This will literally turn the player into a ragdoll, allowing the user to do as they please to it, such as posing.
• Hang - This will hang a ragdoll'd player on a post.

• Set NoClip – This command will allow the player it is used on to fly around, and go through walls. This is only to be used on players that are the Rank of Administrator, and when they have a valid need for it.

• Server Settings - These commands affect the entire server. Commands that are not listed below are never to be used. If caught using (besides unban) without Owners consent, the users powers will be removed with immediate effect.

• Clear Decals - Clicking this twice will clear all sprays, blood, etc. on the server.

• Stop all sounds - This will reset all sounds on the server. It should be used in the case of glitched nukes or fire sounds

• Clean up server - Using this will literally remove every spawned prop including plants, money printers, etc. It is only to be used as a last resort when the entire server is lagged up due to props. All players must receive a 5 minute warning in advance to sell all of their goods before the command is used.

• Set Access – Set’s the powers of the person it is used on. This command is only to be used on people who received a legitimate promotion/demotion that is confirmed by the Owners.

• Server Settings - Users are not permitted to change any of the settings in there. If caught doing so without owner permission and immediate removal of powers will take effect.

• Prop ownership - Head Admins are granted ownership to every single prop on the server, including world props, plants, printers, etc. Super Admins must not use their physics gun on other player's props or world prop doors unless if it is for an administrative purpose. This applies for the remover tool as well.

• Tools - Super admins are given access to every tool on the server. They are not to be abused.
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