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oh jesus christ
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TOPIC: oh jesus christ

oh jesus christ 4 years, 1 month ago #237626

oh i am so glad i stumbled upon this hidden gem from my childhood!
seeing my antics from 6-7 years ago has made me feel truly nostalgic and a little ill with cringe to be fair, but it provided an entertaining twenty minutes. the whole banter from opening up a new hl2rp server and resigning from this one and seeing all the madness that happened from that gave me a good chuckle, i won't lie. even the name of this account brings back memories from years gone by, and friendly players was like my first serious roleplay experience. i don't know if any of the old lads are still active on this forum or even gmod for that matter, but bring this shit back for the good old days. i'm sure the current fp staff who preoccupy themselves with darkrp and the like are probably saying "is this stupid bastard necroing an entire forum from years and years ago?"
fuck yeah i am. revive this shit, if not for a high player count, for the love of the old days.

sorry not sorry
"fayul" hahahahaha
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Re: oh jesus christ 4 years ago #237627

this man shall be our martyr <3
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Re: oh jesus christ 4 years ago #237628

dedetee wrote:
this man shall be our martyr <3

Ain't is past your bedtime you old lad.
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Re: oh jesus christ 4 years ago #237630

i'm so tired and i can't sleep
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