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Ella - DarkRP Section Moderator App
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TOPIC: Ella - DarkRP Section Moderator App

Ella - DarkRP Section Moderator App 7 years, 2 months ago #236123

Steam Name: |FP| S0ul, S0ul

What server(s) are you active on?: DarkRP, Teamspeak

Age: 16

I am From: Indiana, USA

Time spent with FP?: 4 Years

How often do you come on the forums: Everyday, I always have a page open and look at it multiple times on my phone at school each day.

Why You?: I recently have been super active on the server playing almost everyday for many hours trying to keep the server alive still, and during that time I always have a forum page open and look at it constantly. I know I may not have many posts but that doesn't mean I don't look at every topic, because I do, I only tend to post though when someone asks a question or I am giving feedback on someones application. I would like to say I am one of the most active people currently in the community and trying to get people on to play.

I feel that me having Section mod will help the forums for my particular time zone, I say this because when I am on I don't see anyone else logged in on the forums and I remember a few times recently I have messaged viking to get on the forums to delete posts or delete certain replies that breaks the terms of use.

Having Section Mod will be very useful to help Edit Posts when someone is breaking the terms of use especially if it is something terrible. Delete a post can be good especially if the post is a "troll" or is making fun of another player.Locking Threads can be one of the most useful things, especially if the post was a question and it had been answered and other people are commenting for no reason and are carrying it along for no reason. Also sticking threads can be useful if say someone creates a Item List, I could sticky it for other players to see the items and see what they can achieve to get. Also moving threads can be useful for if someone posts a Staff Application for the RP server I could move it to Staff Applications. I know I can be very helpful when it comes to the forums.

I think me being a forum moderator can be very helpful for FP, I know I was newly added to the Lead team of Friendly Players but I know I am mature enough and am able to do this job, I've learned from some many great people over the years and I know I am ready to do this job as long as you guys think I am capable of doing it.

Thanks, Ella
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