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Gang Leaderboards

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These are the top 20 gangs in control of the city. You can view their statistics including leader, cash and amount of upgrades purchased. Gangs are ranked by their upgrades and cash.
Name Leader Cash Upgrades
Most Powerful Gang in the city The First Order Viking $510,500,002 7 upgrades
2nd Place SPEW Granny $442,500,000 7 upgrades
3rd Place The Harper Family Haytham Harper $2 7 upgrades
The Delcora Family Jay Delcora $88,000,100 6 upgrades
The Pompeii Family Ash T $43,000,010 6 upgrades
illuminati Shadow $32,499,998 6 upgrades
Etherious TheXnator $19,500,000 6 upgrades
Aperture Science Larry Pallowski $8,715,000 6 upgrades
Digital Insanity |Z| |FP| RedPowder $2,500,100 6 upgrades
The Weskers Lerroy $2,000,000 5 upgrades
The Establishmet jeppe $10,000,000 4 upgrades
i hate me life Josh Feiscov $7,102,899 4 upgrades
The Jones Family Carl Jones $4,080,071 4 upgrades
The Friendly Players Uncle Cosmo $3,995,842 4 upgrades
The Randam Family Keww $1,220,000 4 upgrades
Valencia Family Remo Valencia $3,492,390 3 upgrades
Specteria Colton Zahner $3,111,111 3 upgrades
The King Family Jack King $1,500,000 3 upgrades
THE Master Family Gabriel787 $571,437 3 upgrades
The Pink Family Thomas Pinkman $100,000 3 upgrades

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