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Diamond VIP

Purchasing Diamond VIP will help the community plus give you instant access to loads of extra features. Once you've purchased, simply login to the server to enjoy all the upgrades listed below. Make sure your Steam account is linked to get your in-game upgrades. You can link your account before or after you purchase and your upgrades will start working across all servers automatically.

DarkRP Upgrades

  • No More Job Limits (Always be the job you want)
  • Access to unlock secret job
  • Access to Level7 Cop/SWAT
  • Access to Level4 Scientist
  • Access to Astronaut/Witch hats
  • Access to News Reporter job
  • More jobs and perks being added soon

Flood Upgrades

  • Sniper, Auto-Shotgun, AUG, Semi-Auto Rifle & AK-47
  • Advanced Duplicator, Paint, Color & Material tools
  • Access to 10+ VIP props
  • Diamond name in chat and scoreboard
  • Diamond VIP forum badge
  • Double Points every 5 minutes

Forum,TTT,Cinema etc

  • Diamond name in chat and scoreboard
  • Diamond VIP forum badge
  • Double FP$ Rewards
  • Access to Pointshop Auras
  • Access to Super Popcorn on Cinema

Now only $19.95 for permanent Diamond VIP

Please login or register to purchase Diamond VIP access for you or a friend.

* Terms and Conditions apply. By making this purchase you agree to these additional terms of purchase and the site terms of use. There are no refunds for this purchase. All payments are handled by PayPal Inc. All Rights Reserved. After purchase your account will be enlisted as eligible for Diamond VIP access which will work on the Steam account and Minecraft account linked to your profile. You must own a steam account with access to Garry's Mod to benefit from the advertised upgrades for our Garry's Mod servers. You must own a Minecraft account purchased from Mojang to benefit from the advertised Minecraft upgrades. Friendly Players is not liable under any circumstance if you are unable to benefit from the upgrades due to circumstances beyond our control which includes server connection issues. This promotional image is Copyright of Friendly Players. Steam and the Steam logo are trademarks of Valve Corporation. Friendly Players reserves the right to withdraw your Diamond VIP upgrade at any time if these terms are broken without refund. Diamond VIP access is controlled by Fire Play Servers. Diamond VIP cannot be transferred or exchanged. Your access will start working instantly, if this doesn’t work please contact us immediately and we will do our best to solve the issue
Thank you!